Wednesday, 10 October 2012

UPDATE- Work, life, etc.

Hello again blog lovers. I just logged on to realize you've been viewing my blog up into the quadruple digits; and considering my lack of posts I thought that was pretty sweet! So thank you for stopping by all those times.

The end of summer was filled with non-stop fun for me and my family, hope it was the same for all of you. My sister and a few of our friends also visited our first art crawl in September. It was amazing to see so many talented people, and you can read all about that on Jess's blog! After that I started the very long and appointment filled process of modifying a new wheelchair. I won't get into details, but the important thing is that I have it now! However this chair is taller than my old one, so I had to rearrange my work space. Not using photoshop for that month was torture, but I'm making up for it!

As far as work goes I still have a couple projects happening...just not sure if I can talk about them yet. But I can tell you that I decided to write a graphic novel of my own! I'm in the early stages of writing and working on characters sketches. I still don't know how comfortable I am talking details, or showing any pictures, but if I disappear from the internet again at least you'll know why. For now here's some illustrations I've been doing in my spare time, unrelated to my work.

I started this before I got my new chair, and worked a little on it today (as you can see on the far right). There's really no reasoning behind it, I just thought it'd be cool to do a scene with a recently killed monster. I still have to decide what the beast will look like before I work him in, because I'm not happy with the sketch (it looks like a giant dog).

At one point I got frustrated with the previous picture, so I started this...thing. I really don't know what it is, but I just needed to loosen up.

And lastly I have this other thing! There's some logic behind this one though. I just celebrated my birthday last week, and I finally realized how much I love the month of October (only took me 23 years to notice)! So I wanted to paint something using all the amazing fall colours we're enjoying. You can't tell yet, but I'm planning something cool for that orange fabric.

Anyway, that's all I have to show for now. Let me know what you think! Until next time interwebs, stay classy.

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