Wednesday, 8 August 2012


On July 27th and 28th I attended the Pixar master class, along with my friend, in Toronto. To say it was amazing would be a horrible understatement...I don't even care how dramatic that sounded, it's the truth! It was everything I'd hoped it would be, and more. Now I'm not going to get into specifics (pretty sure I'm not allowed to anyway), but I'll give you my thoughts.

The first day was all about story development, and I still feel that these lectures were my favourite; just based off the topic (not speakers or anything like that). Matthew Luhn spoke about everything from storyboards to writing gags. It was fantastic! We also had the privilege of having Emma Coats as a guest speaker, who gave so many useful writing tips, I almost stood up and asked for an encore (only my family and friends will get that joke...sorry). You need to check out her website, it's full of great information, and added bonus you can ask her anything! After that day I had never felt more motivated to get writing (which is odd for me), because not only did they outline what makes a great story, they gave you the tool to make one. Somethings may have seemed like common sense to the average person, but you'd be surprised how many people miss those ideas when they write. Plus to hear the experts confirm everything you've been thinking about for years was just wonderful. It made you feel less like a crazy person, because you can officially say "No there are other people who think like this, and they work at PIXAR!" (well it did for me anyway).

The second day, which covered everything animation, had more surprises than I had expected. You have to understand, I don't have the makings or the desire to be an animator. I took animation in college, but was not a fan of the whole "now make it move" aspect, so I decided to stick to illustrations. But I have a small understanding of what it takes (I never did it well, but I get it), so seeing an expert at work was just as fascinating. Andrew Gordon gave detailed lectures on all the principles of animation, and much much more. I personally enjoyed the gestures talk, because I could apply those lessons to my illustrations. You could tell all the aspiring animators in the room were mesmerized the entire day. And for those of you who want to get into that field, be prepared for more work than you bargained for! Not only do you have to analyze everything around you (which is common for any artist), but then you have to apply it flawlessly, in every teeny tiny detail. It's insanity, and I believe now more than ever that animators are gods among men.

It was a privilege to get the chance to attend, and I'll never forget. Also just an fyi to all of you animation fanatics, this tour isn't finished just yet! They've got one last stop in Vancouver, so if you can make the trip out there I highly recommend it to anyone in the film, gaming or comic book industries. Follow the link to register, you won't be disappointed.

Aaand since this is an art blog, I guess I should post some art! Here's the rough for something I started today.

It needs work I know, but I'll get there! Until next time interwebs, stay classy!

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