Thursday, 19 July 2012


After a very long wait, the day is here! Jess and I are all pumped up for the Dark Knight Rises tonight. The tickets are printed, the bat t-shirts are on, and the marathon will begin shortly. Then...we wait for the signal in the sky (teeheeee). If I had the energy I'd be painting something Batman-ish, but as you can imagine, I didn't get much sleep last night (I know Jess was worse off) :P So to all the Bat-fanatics out there with tickets, I hope you have a wonderful evening! And keep an eye on Jess's blog, because you know a Batman pic is gonna pop up within the week!

Since I've had a very awful posting rate lately, here's the work in progress shots of my business card images. I wanted to paint something epic, so I looked into my sketch book, found my dog-man idea and ran with it. I'm pretty happy with the finished product (which is rare...for me), but when it was all put together on the card, I was ecstatic! I have Jess to thank for that; she took care of the text and layout (best sister ever). Anyway we picked up the cards yesterday and they were perfect, so I'm a happy camper!

I'll take pics of the cards soon; but until then interwebs, stay classy!

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