Sunday, 3 June 2012

TATTOO DESIGN- Work in Progress

I know today was going to be my last anatomy post, but since I finished my sister's tattoo I'm sharing this instead! You can find more info on the design idea here.

Out of the two sketches I drew up for Jess (link), she and I felt this pose was the best. Usually when I start painting I keep the line art on a layer above with a low opacity. Once I have enough done I tend to hide it.

I typically work without colours for as long as possible. At this point I had just finished the hair and was moving on to the wings, BUT for some reason my Photoshop decided to mess with the hair layer! I didn't know why or how to fix it so I scrapped it and moved on....eventually. 'Tiz life!

It ended up being a good thing to loose the original hair layer. We now had the opportunity to replace the braid with a gold leaf hairpiece (sort of as a halo), and add more hair blowing to the side.

Once I had all my shadows worked out and all the pieces were made, I added colour. This is where I like to smooth things out (or add textures if it's a realistic pic), add darker shadows and pump up the highlights.

After some final adjustments I finished it off with a random background (just for myself). 7 hours and 42 minutes later, you got yourself a tattoo! Would've been more like 5 hours had Photoshop behaved, but it turned out for the best :)

Until next time interwebs, stay classy!

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