Thursday, 10 May 2012


Ello one and all! Since there were lack of posts in April, I figured I'd give y'all an extra right now. Made this today as a warm up sketch on Photoshop, but I decided to take a little extra time to finish it up.

"Espresso"- made in Photoshop, 1 hour

It's a little representation of both my Grandfathers (or if you're Italian, my Nonnos). When I was young I hated espresso, but my Nonnos loved it. And like many Italians, they liked it with Sambuca (which I also hated). I thought it was a bitter and pointless drink, and the Sambuca gave it an even worse black liquorice taste. But time changes everything...well almost everything. I've grown to love espresso, so much so that I need one every night after dinner...still hate Sambuca though (yuckerz). Anyway whenever I drink it I think back to watching my Nonnos chit-chatting over a cup or two. Unfortunately my one Nonno on my Mother's side did pass away a while back; but I still enjoy having a cup with my Grandparent's who I'm lucky enough to have with me.

Hope you all like the picture, and look forward to Sunday when I continue posting anatomy stuff!
Until next time interwebs, stay classy

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