Friday, 18 May 2012

BATMAN POSTER- Process & Previews

As promised here are some previews to the Dark Knight tribute poster! Actually, both me and my sister were asked to do Batman posters, and you can see her's on her blog.  She did a kickass new interpretation of the iconic Bane breaking Batman's back image, so yea it's awesome!

To the left are the thumbnail ideas I sent to the client for my poster. There were two specifications for this project- A: it had to look like a movie poster (so I'm painting realistic stuff once again) and B: it had to have Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), Bane (Tom Hardy) and the caped crusader himself (Christian Bale). The client let me pick between the vertical thumbnail idea, and the bottom horizontal one.

On the right is the rough sketch of the final layout. I did end up going with the vertical idea so it would match my sister's posters (they're for the same client). The only major change I made from the thumbnail was to eliminate the entire city scape in flames. Focusing on one building with fire instead has made the process much easier (plus is looks more dramatic).

Since the image size is so large, I haven't been working on one Photoshop file. Each character and the back buildings have their own file, and I'm placing everything together once I'm done each element. To date I've got Batman and the background all finished up; Bane will be finished by tomorrow (preview to the left), then all that's left is Catwoman and final touch ups. Now the Batman preview above was taken a while ago, when I didn't realize the new cape had scallops. No worries to the fanatics out there, I fixed that up recently! 

With luck (and a few all nighters) this poster will be done late next week. It's taken more time because I'm also working on my very first movie concept job!  But more on that once this poster is done (like dinner). 

Until next time interwebs, stay classy. Feel free to come back Sunday for another anatomy post!

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