Sunday, 6 May 2012

ANATOMY STUDIES- Body Proportion, Head & Neck

Way back in 2009 I started reading Dynamic Anatomy: Revised and Expanded by Burne Hogarth (though I believe this revised edition has other writers as well). In order to learn everything this book had to offer, I decided to sum up major points in my sketchbook and draw key images...turns out that was a bigger task than I had anticipated. Most of the chapters went on for so long that I couldn't keep them all in one book. So I scanned all the pages and squished each body section together into large jpeg files. To date, I'm still not done going through the entire book...pretty sure I stopped half way through the hand chapter. Anyway, here are the sketchbook pages on the first three chapters.
Basic "head count" of the average body
Keep in mind these pictures were drawn back in 2009 (I was so young and naive!!). I promise the new ones I post will be much better.
Skull, head and neck notes
For those of you looking for an anatomy book, I highly recommend this one (it's the anatomy bible people, can't get any better). But be warned, it's not really a "how to draw" kind of guide. It uses the scientific names of all the muscles, and goes through each of their function and placement with tremendous detail. There are plenty of pointers and amazing pictures by the legendary Hogarth, but it can be overwhelming for first-timers (like myself..who was reading it in high school..and had yet to take a figure drawing class). I found it more useful when I was in college for animation, and had weekly figure drawing classes to see what the book was talking about in real life.

In other news (cheesy TV reporting segue, gotta love it), the Part 2 to my previous post [link] will be delayed. In order to keep this blog as a weekly thing, I'll be posting these anatomy pages for the next little while instead. So tune in next Sunday (cuz I like sundays) for more body part drawings :)

'Till then interwebs, stay classy!
P.S, the Batman poster should also be done by next week, so I'm pretty pumped for that!

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