Sunday, 20 May 2012


As I said in last week's anatomy post, the most difficult chapters of Burne Hogarth's Dynamic Anatomy: Revised and Expanded, in my opinion, were the arm chapters. Well, technically it was the lower arm chapter because the upper arm is pretty basic. I must have read it over at least a dozen times before I actually got around to summarizing everything!
Arm notes
As you can see, the lower half of the arm is basically a giant twist tie of muscles; so it took me a while to make sense of it all. Even though in reality you can't see every muscle, it's still helpful to have an understanding of what's there and why (or so I'm told). I'm pretty sure I took a long break between this and the previous chapter, because of school and what not. So these sketches were done after I had taken a few figure drawing classes, which is why they're a little better than the others. In any case, it was time well spent!

Hope you all got a chance to see my poster preview on Friday! Quick update on that, Bane is all finished and placed in the final file (about time!). Tomorrow I start working on Catwoman, and if all goes well the poster should be done this coming Thursday or Friday. If that's the case, I'll post it on the weekend.

Until next time interwebs, stay classy!

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